12 Activities To Do in Madeira Island

12 Activities To Do in Madeira Island

12 Activities To Do in Madeira Island

Nov 20, 2018

12 Activities To Do in Madeira Islands

Discover Madeira! There is so much to do! Activities in Madeira Island range from the mountains to farmland, healthy forests, subtropical fauna and indigenous species, the island is truly a garden that invites you to practice numerous activities. Discover all the activities you can do during your holidays in Madeira Island. Here we present 12 Activities To Do in Madeira Island during your holidays:Hiking & Trekking

1 - Hiking & Trekking

1. Hiking & Trekking in Madeira Island

Hiking & Trekking in Madeira Island is one of the most exciting experiences to have on the island. Madeira has great walking and trekking conditions all year round. Madeira is the hiker´s paradise because of the climate, the landscape and the levadas! In Madeira Island you can walk along the “levadas footpaths” or mountain walking trails. With over 1200 Km of trails and water courses, there are walks to suit every ability and levels of fitness. You can book guided walks here.

2 - Canyoning

2. Canyoning in Madeira Island

Canyoning in Madeira Island is great to feel an incredible dose of adrenaline, while revealing the exciting journey through transparent waters. Canyoning is an exciting activity: to explore a stream or a steep watercourse. Doing Canyoning in Madeira Island lets you discover unknown and untouched parts of the island. You can book Canyoning in Madeira Island with certified guides here.

3- Boat Trips

Boat Trips in Madeira Island

Take a Boat Trip in Madeira Island and be amazed by the sight of dolphins and whales, marine life, enjoy and explore the beautiful landscapes along the coast. Madeira will offer you an unforgettable experience on the Atlantic Ocean. You can book your Boat Tours in Madeira Island here.

4- Jeep Tours

4. jeep tours in madeira island

Jeep Tours in Madeira Island allow you to discover the majestic landscape of Madeira through a 4×4 vehicle ride. A unique experience that will be both exciting and memorable, passing within the vegetation, the amazingly beautiful Laurissilva forest, waterfalls, landscapes, and its natural heritage. You can book here your Jeep Tours in Madeira here.

5- Dolphin & Whale Watching

5. Dolphin and Whale watching in Madeira Island

During your holidays in Madeira Island it is practically required that you take a boat tour for Dolphin & Whale Watching. Dolphin & Whale watching tours are among the most popular activities in Madeira. There are several tour-providing companies where you can book a ticket and they will be accompanied by guides, you can book it here.

6 - Sightseeing Tours

6. Sightseeing Tours in Madeira Island

Why not go for a Sightseeing Tour in Madeira Island and let yourself be guided by professionals in a calm and relaxing ride in search of the most beautiful landscapes of the island.

Book guided sightseeing tours so you can visit different typical locations on the island in a comfortable way here.

7- Scuba Diving

7. scuba diving in madeira island

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling in Madeira Island offers you a unique volcanic underwater landscape experience. Madeira Island is becoming a popular diving paradise in Europe for its mild temperatures all year round and clear waters. You can book Scuba Diving & Snorkelling in Madeira Island here.

8 - Paragliding

8. paragliding in madeira island

Paragliding in Madeira Island is an adventure activity where the sky is the limit, dare to discover Madeira from above while hang gliding and paragliding! This is is one of the most attractive activities of Madeira because of its morphological and geological features. From the sky you can enjoy a fantastic aerial view of both the central massif of Madeira and the sea coast of the island. Book you paragliding experience here.

9 - Wine Tasting  Tours

9. Wine Tours in Madeira Island

Experiencing a Wine Tasting Tour in Madeira is an opportunity to explore 200 years of Madeira Wine. You will get lots of info on the history of Madeira wine, what makes Madeira wine different from the others, how it’s made, etc. You can book your lodge tours and wine tasting here.

10 - Coasteering

10. Coasteering in Madeira Island (4)

Coasteering in Madeira Island allows you a chance to get to know the most beautiful protected landscapes of Madeira. Coasteering combines rappel, climbing and jumping into the sea, in a single activity that allows you to find the cliffs overlooking the bays, the caves and the hidden nooks with translucent water that exist in the island. Book you Coasteering experience here.

11 - Rent a Scooter

11. Rent a Scooter in Madeira Island

Rent a Scooter in Madeira Island  and explore the island in a different way. By choosing only two wheels, you will be able to go anywhere … Low cost, fast and simple. Do you want to move around in the city and surrounding areas? Do you want to feel the wind in your face, the freedom to move the body in the curves and smell the fresh air of the island? In that case you must rent  scooter during your holidays in Madeira. You can rent it here.

12 - Surfing

12. Surfing in Madeira Island

Surfing in Madeira Island: known as the Hawaii of the Atlantic. Madeira meets all the necessary conditions for an adrenaline rush while surfing its excellent waves! In Madeira Island you will find all kinds of waves, from point breaks to reef breaks. These excellent waves are also generated by the rugged and steep coast and the rocks on the seabed, causing great water outflows. Book here your surf experience.


What’s the best activities for you in Madeira Island? Hope our 12 Activities To Do in Madeira Island suggestions will be helpful while visiting the island.

Leave us your comments! Discover Madeira! There is so much to do!

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