Seixal Madeira

Seixal Beach

Seixal Beach

May 04, 2020

This is the beautiful landscape of one of the most popular beaches in Madeira Island, Porto do Seixal Beach, a natural black sand beach.

Seixal Beach has beautiful, soft, and fine black sand covering its shores. This is one of the reasons it is so popular as it is comfortable and safe for swimming and surfing.

Seixal Beach

How to get here?

Renting a car is the best option, we have no tour or buses that go specifically to this beach, just to ''poça das Lesmas'' natural swimming pools, check it here.

The nearest bus that stops there is number 139 and 150.

Parking, entrance, and facilities:

  • Seixal Beach has no entry fee like many of the beaches and attractions on Madeira Island
  • There is parking right at the beach but it is very limited so on a moderately busy
  • There are showers, toilets, and a cafe next to the beach for convenience so you can change and wash off after enjoying Seixal Beach

Beautiful places nearby:

  • Véu da Noiva
  • Chão da Ribeira
  • Clube Naval Natural swimming pools
  • Natural swimming pools 
  • ''Poça das Lesmas'' natural swimming pools

Where to eat?

  • Lounge Bar Clube Naval do Seixal
  • Casa de Pasto Justiniano
  • Marisqueira Pedra do Mar
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