Pico do Areeiro

Pico do Areeiro

Pico do Areeiro

Apr 28, 2020

Here, at 1818 meters, you can see Curral das Freiras, Ponta de são Lourenço, and the imponent rock Penha d'águia. This place has one of the most beautiful walking routes in Madeira starts, if you are a lover of the mountain and panoramic views this is recommended. This hike is about 7 kilometers and connects the highest peaks in Madeira, but it is recommended for people who are in good shape and used to walking. It is a difficult route so we recommend that it be done with experienced guides, to feel safe and informed.

Pico do Arieiro

(Photo: Francisco Gonçalves)

How to get to Pico do Arieiro?


Tips to go to Pico do Arieiro

  • Is one of the best spots to watch the sunset, but get there a minimum of 30-minutes early if not more
  • There are a cafe and information center, which is where you will park
  • Walk until Miradouro do Ninho da Manta or Miradouro do Juncal, is really interesting at sunrise (Book Here Transfer to see Sunrise in Pico do Areeiro)
  • there is no good or bad time of the year when considering the weather
  • Check the weather before you go here
  • With very little light pollution this far up in the mountains, Pico do Arieiro is a great place for astrophotography and for witnessing the full moon

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