Best Spots to Watch the Sunset in Madeira

Best Spots to Watch the Sunset in Madeira

Best Spots to Watch the Sunset in Madeira

Sep 24, 2020

Is there anything more peaceful than taking in the quiet beauty of the setting sun at the end of the day? Our sunset is a bomb of sunset colors, especially in summer days, so walk outside stand there in silence, look up at the sky and contemplate how amazing life is. This is a must-do here in Madeira, do not miss it! 

Discover the best spots in Madeira to watch this phenomenal event.

Tip: Madeira has many romantic places to go, especially if you choose wisely where to go to watch the sunset, take your lover to these stunning places, and some snacks for a unique moment together.

1.Pico do Areeiro

Best spots to watch the Sunset - Pico do Arieiro (1)

(Photo: Ocean Retreat)

Head in the clouds, there is no escaping romance! Drive through the beautiful roads of ER103, and admire our stunning views of great plateaus, while you are going up until you reach the famous Pico do Areeiro with 1817meters. If you are a photography lover this place offers great possibilities, especially at sunset and sunrise.

What to expect?

There is no better view to contemplate the sunset than from the highest peak of the island. Breathtaking and unforgettable view! From here you can get some magical views as the sun sets and lights up the top of the clouds before diving beneath them. The clouds are a hundred meters below you and floating around the valleys. It feels like you are on top of the world.


Dress warmly as it is cold there!

For you to catch amazing photos here, you need to make sure that the clouds are lower than the mountain itself. To do this, you just need to check the live webcam on the web.

Check the time of the sunset and the sunrise at Pico do Areeiro here.

2. Ponta da Ladeira - Porto Moniz

Best spots to watch the sunset in Madeira- Ponta da ladeira sunset viewpoint (1)

(Photo: Journey Era)

You can find this epic coastal spot near Porto Moniz, on the north side of the island and is also one of the most incredible sunset viewpoints on Madeira island. This is not commonplace to go that is why it makes it special. 

What to expect?

This place has clear views over the ocean and in the far distance, you can see Fajã da Quebrada Nova which is a tiny coastal village, isolated from the rest of the island by tall mountain cliffs. Once the sun begins to set over the ocean you are in for a show of amazing colours, as the sun began to get closer to the horizon, it fell behind a few clouds and the sun burst through the clouds for a few minutes before dropping below the horizon, which lit up all the sea-cliffs and gave a golden glow to the entire coastline. 

This place in the GPS will take you directly to the parking lot of the viewpoint, from here, you follow the small trail down the dirt path. Make sure to take care as this isn’t an official site and the hand-rail is a bit dodgy.

3. Ponta do Pargo lighthouse

Best spots to watch the Sunset- Ponta do Pargo lighthouse, Calheta

(Photo: Rádio Calheta)

 Travel to Ponta do Pargo, a setting worthy of a romantic movie and get until the end of the road where you will find the famous lighthouse, classified as a cultural heritage site, stands on a cliff 300 meters above sea level, the most western location on the island of Madeira.

What to expect?

The quiet and bucolic landscapes of this western tip of the island bring peace and comfort to the soul. The Lighthouse of Ponta do Pargo hides at the end of the road, by the sea. The viewpoint next to the Tea House is the perfect place to sit and watch the sunset. At about 300 meters of altitude, this spot is unique, not only for the views of the virgin mountains but also for the bright blue sea, which seems to have no end.


The west side has so many beautiful places to see, rent a car and start from Funchal to explore the island. Go through the marginal and do not forget to stop in Camara de Lobos for Poncha pass through the ''Anjos'' waterfall in Ponta do Sol, visit ''Garganta Funda viewpoint'', and go to Raposeira viewpoint to admire the panoramic view over the ocean and in the afternoon you can stop here to watch the sunset.

4. Paul do Mar Beach

Best spots to watch the sunset in Madeira- Paul do Mar

(Photo: Bruno Pereira)

Away from the hustle and bustle of life find some peace on this beach of Paul do Mar.

What to expect?

This is one of the most popular spots in the afternoon, especially for the bars and the relaxed atmosphere. It's with beer and often to the sound of live musicians that tourists and locals say goodbye to the sun.


Swim in the sea and then stick around for the sunset here, you can go to the famous bar ''Maktub'' and try our traditional drinks. Most people here sit on the wall across the street to get a good picture and admire the sunset at the beach.

5. Raposeira viewpoint - Calheta

Best spots to watch sunset in Madeira- Raposeira Viewpoint

Going up through Prazeres, you will find the Raposeira sunset viewpoint, also known as Miradouro da Raposeira, is one of the best viewpoints on the south coast of Madeira Island. 

What to expect?

It’s just a short walk from the parking lot to this viewpoint making it an easy-access spot to bring a beer and enjoy a sundowner as the sky lights up with vibrant colours. You look down the steep coast and you can see the sunset over the ocean, on the right, you have views of the edge of Faja and the coast towards the west of the island. 


Google maps send you to a difficult place. Go down this road until you find the viewpoint: 32°45'36.6"N 17°13'07.8"W

6. Prazeres viewpoint - Calheta

Best spots to watch the sunset in Madeira- Prazeres viewpoint, Calheta

What to expect?

The sunset at Prazeres is a mellow purple glow on the night, but it can get pretty fiery reds on other nights. You never know what you are going to get. The reflections on the calm ocean of the pastels in the sky are quite remarkable.

There is a space with tables, chairs, and barbecue for picnics, offering a beautiful view over the parish of Jardim do Mar, with the ocean as a backdrop.

7. Rabaçal - Paul da Serra

Best spots to watch sunset in Madeira-  Fanal, Paul da Serra

What about sunset with laurisilva trees at Fanal? On the north side of Madeira Island, you can find a mysterious fog creating an incredible atmosphere amongst the ancient trees of Fanal Forest.

What to expect?

On the island of Madeira, on the western side, away from the cities and the seaside, you’ll find amongst the green hills and forests a place of pure relaxation to watch the sunset. It is not uncommon to find cows peacefully grazing amongst the view, it is a truly soothing experience that makes you consider Fanal a real must-see, you’ll meet the viewpoint, surrounded by a sea of low ferns, and looking down on a sea of orange and red clouds.The elegant white mass slowly pours down into the lower valleys, creating an incredible waterfall of clouds. 


Don't miss the chance to walk on levadas and get introduced to the untouched part of Madeira.

To an epic adventure with nature what better than the west side to avoid light pollution and to try camping?

8. Fajã dos Padres - Câmara de Lobos

Best spots to watch the Sunset-Fajã dos Padres in Camâra de Lobos, Madeira

(Photo: fajã

Fajã dos Padres is on the south coast of Madeira and is a land of unique charm at a very high cliff.

What to expect?

You can see our beautiful sunset at Fajã dos Padres viewpoint, or go down the 300 meters along the coast with the cable car.

The sunset is special here and may be observed in the comfort of one of the cottages that exist down there.

It has a small tourist resort that includes a restaurant, excellent conditions for doing the beach and fishing, guest houses for short stays, and incredible views of the sea and mountains and an exclusive pebble beach.


Try the cable car, is the main way to go huge cliff down to Fajã dos Padres, from where you can admire the southern coast of Madeira all the way to Ponta do Sol, the small bay and fertile ground of Fajã. There is a guide that takes you on a walk around the property.  it's special spots, recent and old stories, the fruits and other exotic plants that are cultivated here, and the people that give live to this place nowadays.

Cable car timetable:


Everyday from 10:00 to 19:00


Everyday, from 10:00 to 18:00.

9. Cabo girão - Câmara de LobosBest spots to watch the Sunset-cabo girao viewpoint, in camâra de lobos madeira

Watch the sunset in the second-highest in the world at 580 meters, Cabo girão viewpoint, with an amazing view over the ocean, it is worth it to head all the way to the top to the gorgeous viewpoint from where you can catch a glimpse of a marvelous sunset. The Cabo Girao Cliffs and skywalk are a highly-recommended tourist attraction of Madeira, and best of all it is absolutely free.

What to expect?

The viewpoint is very easy to find when you get to the top of the cliffs, there are amazing views along the coast and it actually looks out towards the east of the island. This means you look directly towards the famous Câmara de Lobos.


If you want to visit this famous viewpoint you can go with the Yellow bus tour or even a full day tour to see the west side of the island.

There are many tours that also go to Cabo girão to watch the sunset, such as the catamarans.

You can also try the ride the cable car down the face of the cliff to terrace fields filled at the base of the cliffs.

10. Neves Viewpoint - Funchal

Best spots to watch the sunset in Madeira- Neves viewpoint Funchal

(Photo: Bordados da Madeira)

If you are staying in Funchal this is the best spot to watch the sunset in the city.

What to expect?

The viewpoint is 283 meters above sea level extends across the bay of Funchal to the Desertas Islands. It is located on the old airport road and was once "love at first sight" for all travelers who arrived here. Normally in summer and clean days, this sunset is extra special with some nice colors popping out over the clouds as the sun breached the horizon.

11. Cristo Rei viewpoint- Garajau

Best spots to watch the sunset in Madeira- Cristo rei sunset viewpoint, Garajau

(Photo: Hello guide Madeira)

With full open arms over the sea, the statue of Cristo Rei is another excellent choice for a perfect afternoon, actually, this statue was built in order to welcome the strangers who came to Madeira by sea.

What to expect?

Visit the viewpoint of Cristo Rei at sunset, and whether you look east or west, you will find the views stunning. Take advantage of dating and walking, because the whole environment is relaxing and idyllic. It provides us with a fabulous panoramic view over Funchal, the Desertas island, and the beaches of Reis Magos and Galo, which is much sought-after for activities like diving and snorkeling.


Travel by cable car to Praia do Garajau and refresh yourself in this beautiful nature reserve and try our stand up paddle tours.

 12. Ponta do Rosto - Caniçal

Best spots to watch the Sunset- Ponta de São Lourenço, Ponta do Rosto, caniçal

Located on the long Ponta de S. Lourenço, the easternmost peninsula of Madeira, this bay offers a spectacular view, thanks to the landscape marked by the erosion of the coast and the movement of the sea waves. 

 What to expect?

Park your car at the viewpoint and walk through some crazy rocks formations, until you arrive at this cliff, in addition to the incredible burnt orange rock formations, you have several beautiful viewpoints along the way. The sun starts going down until it's hidden behind the mountain on the other side. It’s a great sunrise hike but is also an underrated sunset spot on Madeira. 


Ponta de são Lourenço is also known for its walk in the ''tail of Madeira'', surrounded by nature, incredible landscapes and endemic birds, its clear waters in the natural reserve to practice diving, and the appearance of dolphins and whales, check here our tours by boat to caniçal here.

13. Cabanas viewpoint - Santana

Best spots to watch sunset in Madeira- Cabanas viewpoint


The Cabanas Viewpoint presents us with an excellent panoramic view of the São Jorge Arch and the Atlantic Ocean.

What to expect?

Madeira has beautiful places, with breathtaking views, but that gets even better with the right conditions and moments. The Cabanas Viewpoint in São Jorge at the height of summer offers unique conditions to capture the colors of the end of the day in a sublime and memorable way. Right near to the road, sometimes there is a traditional fruits seller, you can buy to taste it and watch the sunset.


Take the northwest road of the island to get to this point, you can have beautiful views, find stunning viewpoints, and go through some old roads.

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