Madeira Bolo do Caco - Origin and Recipe

Madeira Bolo do Caco - Origin and Recipe

Madeira Bolo do Caco - Origin and Recipe

Nov 21, 2019

The origin of Bolo do Caco

Madeira is well known for its gastronomy. One of the most common starters in a typical Madeiran meal is bolo do caco. This is a typical wheat bread from Madeira Island and Porto Santo. Initially it was created in Porto Santo Island with the main purpose of reusing the leftover dough, but, over time, it has become one of the most frequent entries known by the Madeiran and Porto Santo population and even internationally. It is also widely used as an aperitif in traditional festivals with various accompaniments.

Madeira Bolo do Caco - Origin and Receipe

The bolo do caco is traditionally accompanied by a mixture of butter with garlic and parsley and has a round and flat shape. It is also often used as a main course such as with hamburger, steak, swordfish, octopus, salad and other dishes. In the past, the bolo do caco was baked on a basalt stone over burning embers, this stone was called “caco”, hence the name “bolo do caco”.

The story that very few know: This bread was once well known because of its preparation, unlike most breads made at the time, the bolo do caco did not require the use of an oven for its preparation, which was very useful and favorable, since at this time the commoners did not have much wealth to invest in a particular furnace, and in the 1500s it was forbidden to build private ovens, which forced the citizens to use the ovens belonging to the king or people with a high social level. such as religious orders, etc., having to pay for its use. In this way, Bolo do Caco became extremely well known and much easier to do compared to other types of bread.


Bolo do Caco Receipe



Traditional Bolo do Baco Recipe:

There are several ways to make bolo do caco, we can bake it in the oven, in a frying pan or on a very hot plate or stone, this being the most traditional way.



750g sweet potato

1kg flour

25g fresh baker's yeast

1 tsp fine salt

Water q.s.



Peel the potatoes, bake them and then mash them.

Undo the yeast in a little water (+ -150ml) and add salt.

Put the flour on a clean surface, open a hole in the middle and put the sweet potatoes and baking powder.

Let the dough ferment for 2 to 3 hours.

Divide the dough into small portions so that they are round and flat on a floured surface.

Bake the bolo do caco on a very hot plate on both sides.

Once cooked, you can choose to split the bread in half and spread garlic butter and parsley.

The approximate cooking time is 3 to 4 hours.



With us you can enjoy a magnificent traditional experience, which boasts a beautiful sunset landscape, followed by a typical Madeiran dinner where you can taste this wonderful Bolo Caco, among many other typical dishes, and finally a traditional folkloric show. For more information see the following links bellow:

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