Porto Moniz Pools madeira

Porto Moniz Pools

Porto Moniz Pools

May 18, 2020

 Porto Moniz Natural Pools are pools formed by volcanic lava, where the sea enters naturally with crystal clear water.

Porto Moniz natural swimming pools

The Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools are on the north-west tip of Madeira Island. It’s a 49-kilometer journey from Funchal.

The best of Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz beaches and swimming pools

  • The natural swimming pool in Porto Moniz- new

The pure pool, though filled with contemporary seawater, is artificial. They are spacious and their entrance is built taking into account the elderly and people with reduced mobility. Regardless of the fact that they are artificial and in search of trends, the pools are surrounded by pure volcanic rocks. This is a rural beach where we are allowed to establish a pleasant contact with marine biodiversity, at an average annual water temperature between 20 to 21ºC.


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Entrance into the complex is subject to a year-round fee:

  • 1,50€ - Over three years old;
  • Free - Children under three years old;
  • 1,00€ - Student or Senior cardholders;
  • Free - Handicap cardholders with a disability of over 60%.
  • The lava pools- old

Porto Moniz swimming pools

Towards the eastern end of Porto Moniz, there is a second natural swimming pool also made from lava rocks. This one is a little less modern and has far less infrastructure.

Regardless of the fact that there is no lifeguard, these generally framed magma sea pools represent the type of rest you could

  • Praia da Ribeira da Janela Beach

Ribeira da Janela - beach

This seafront is a magnificence. The sea is calm and acidic, the entrance is pleasant – in common with the disabled – and there are a number of volcanic stone formations off the coast. Showers, parking, and a lifeguard throughout the peak season, as well as a nearby campsite and drifting itineraries, help to make it the ideal center for tourists and the most remote.

  • Praia da Laje beach

Laje beach seixal 

Along the pebbled coastline that you stumble as you enter the village of Seixal, you will find a black sand coastline, Praia p Laje – also known as Jamaica. This boomerang-shaped black sand bay offers excellent facilities as well as indoor and outdoor showers and a small restaurant. The entrance is really simple because you can find ramps and there are lifeguards inactive cases.

  • Poças das Lesmas natural swimming pool

Poças das lesmas seixal

  • Cable car Achadas da Cruz

Achadas da Cruz, porto moniz

How are you doing with heights? In 2004, with the opening of the cable car, there was an answer to the problem of connecting the town of Achadas da Cruz, 575 meters above sea level, with the fertile farmland on the coast.

Porto Moniz Aquarium

Hiking in Porto Moniz:

PR13- Vereda do Fanal

  • Distance: 10.8 Km / 5.6 Km

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Duration: 4 hours

Vereda do Fanal - hiking in Seixal
Photo by: Jackson Groves 


PR14 Levada dos Cedros

  • Distance: 7.2 Km

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Duration: 3 hours 

Levada dos Cedros hike
Photo by: Jackson Groves 


Ribeira da Janela Levada walk

  • Distance: 13 Km

  • Difficulty: Hard

  • Duration: 6 hours

Ribeira da Janela hike
Photo by: Jackson Groves 


Chão da Ribeira hike

  • Distance: 10 Km

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Duration: 4 hours

chão da Ribeira Hike
Photo by: Jackson Groves 


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