Porto da Cruz Madeira

Porto da Cruz

Porto da Cruz

May 12, 2020

Porto da Cruz is one of the parishes in the municipality of Machico. Its name came from the cross once placed in the bay that served as a port.

Porto da Cruz

How to get to Porto da Cruz, Madeira by bus

Buses you can get to Porto da Cruz From Funchal: Check the SAM bus website.

It’s usually the number 53, 78, or 208. 

What to do in Porto da Cruz?

  • Visit the old sugar cane factory of 1927
  • Taste the famous Gaiado sandwich at the bar ''A fragateira''
  • Taste Poncha in Praia da Alagoa bar- It has an award for the best Poncha

Poncha Praia da Alagoa

  • Surf in Alagoa or Maiata Beach waves or walk through the beach at the sunset

Surfing in Porto da cruz

  • Go up until the Fortim of Porto da Cruz, a quiet small mountain where you can do a picnic or watch a charming sunrise
  • Visit the Portela viewpoint, you can have a panoramic view of the village and Faial
  • Go and look round the Engenho Velho Museum – a small museum on the seafront full of antique tools and machinery
  • Drink a Nikita at Dino's bar

Dino's bar porto da cruz

What are the best places for outdoor activities in Porto da Cruz?

  • Boca do Risco- From Larano to Caniçal
Boca do risco- Larano, Porto da cruz
Photo by: Jackson Groves 
  • Penha D'águia- From Terra Batista to the Big Rock

Penha d'águia hike porto da cruz

  • Castelejo levada walk- From Referta to Ribeiro frio

Castelejo levada walk porto da cruz

  • Funduras walk or 4x4 vehicle- From Portela to Machico

Places nearby Porto da Cruz

  • Quinta da Junta Santo António da Serra
  • Ponta do Rosto -caniçal
  • Fortim Faial
  • Balcões- Ribeiro Frio
  • Machico Beach

Where to eat in Porto da Cruz

  • Costa Linda
  • Pipa
  • Praia da Alagoa
  • Portela á vista
  • ''A fragateira''

Which experiences are best for outdoor activities in Porto da Cruz

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