Nikita Drink Madeira

Nikita Madeira

Nikita Madeira

Jan 22, 2020


There are several unique and traditional drinks from the Madeira Archipelago. It is well known for its culture, customs, drinks and typical dishes, which gives rise to a huge variety of exclusive offers for its residents and visitors. Here you will learn everything about a very interesting drink, originally from Madeira, the Nikita.

Nikita is a traditional drink on the island of Madeira, consisting of the combination of pineapple ice cream or other various flavors, pineapple, pineapple juice, and white beer. Some make it with white wine, but the best-known way is with beer.

This drink is originally from Câmara de Lobos, the fishing town, and was created in 1985 by a man called Marcelino, a man who was emigrated to Brazil, where he probably found inspiration to create this wonderful tropical drink.

According to the story, the origin of the name of this drink, “Nikita”, comes from a song created by Elton John in 1985, a song that Mr. Marcelino liked a lot, and that inspired the name of this drink, since the song's name was “Nikita”.

Nikita Drink Madeira

How to make Nikita -  Confection Method

Currently, a slightly different version of the traditional Nikita has been created, called Nikita Tropical, this is also made with pineapples, but adds the “sunquick tropical” and “passion fruit Brisa” (drink produced since 1970 by the Madeira Beer Company), only the confection method for the traditional Nikita will be presented here.


Ingredients for Nikita

500 ml. pineapple juice

6 scoops of ice cream

Sliced pineapple

Beer q.s.

Nikita Drink Madeira

Nikita Preparation 

Pour the ice cream and juice into a container;

Mix well until you get a creamy result using the “Pau da Poncha” or a wooden spoon.

Add the beer to the mixture.

Mix well until you get a homogeneous result;

Pour in a tall glass with a slice of pineapple, serve with a straw.

Note: Serve with peanuts and lupines or popcorn as a side.

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