Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools in Madeira Island 2

Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools in Madeira Island

Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools in Madeira Island

Jul 18, 2019

Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

Visit Beaches in Madeira Island and Porto Santo have to offer. From pebble to sand beaches and natural to man-made swimming pools this destination will surely provide you with a beach vacation to remember.

Seixal - Porto do Seixal Beach

Praia Seixal Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

The ‘’ Porto do Seixal beach’’ is located on the northwest side of the island, more precisely in Seixal village, it is name was derived from the abundance of pebbles on the beaches and is highly sought after by tourists who visit the Island.

This black sand beach on Madeira Island was born from sea erosion of volcanic black rocks. It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape over the Atlantic and the green cliffs and mountains of the islands north coast. This unsupervised beach offers its visitors access to the toilet facilities, showers and the bar of Clube Naval do Seixal Pools, right next to it, which is free access, where you can rent kayaks and diving equipment.

Once you are in Seixal you can visit other attractions such as the viewpoint of ‘’Véu da Noiva’’ waterfall the ‘’Poças das Lemas’’ and the ‘’Clube naval’’ natural pools, whose pool is right next to the beach, which is another great free access option for a swim.


How to get there by bus? Rodoeste -Routes-139,150


Seixal - Poças das Lesmas Natural Pools

seixal natural pools - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

The famous natural pools of Seixal are known as ‘’Poça das Lesmas’’. This place is from volcanic origin and is situated on the North coast of Madeira Island.

“Poço das Lesmas” is one of the best swimming spots on Madeira secretly hidden in a magical place where it has blue and green coloured water, make it a place worth to visit.

Delight yourself with the best views of Madeira, take a moment to breath in and out and get in the water to relax your body, mind and soul.

If you are seeking for a different place away from the city, in a quiet, cozy and friendly county to enjoy nature and rest a little, this is totally suitable for you.


We can also offer you a fantastic Jeep Tour around the Enchanted Terraces which includes a stop at the Seixal Pool!


Porto Moniz Natural Lava Swimming Pools

Porto Moniz - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

Right at the tip of the northwest side of the island, there is ‘’Porto Moniz’’ city and near to ‘’São João fort’’ you can find another complex of natural pools, these are free access and the seawater lava pools are naturally filled by the ocean’s high tide. These pools are formed by volcanic lava and it has natural salt made up of volcanic rock. 

Along with the ‘’swimming natural lava pools’’ on the west side of this one, these are the highlight of Porto Moniz village. It offers a setting for swimming or paddling in and makes a perfect place for swimming in harmony with nature.

You have the possibility to explore the landscapes and terraces of the Northwest of Madeira Island on a ride aboard on a 4x4 vehicle with us to know more about the Island and much more, you do not need to worry about anything at all, just enjoy.

Recommended Experiences to get here:

Northwest Porto Moniz Jeep Tour. More info & Bookings follow the LINK

West Tour from Funchal. More info & Bookings follow the LINK

How to get there by bus? Rodoeste - Routes- 80,139,150


Porto Santo Beaches

porto santo sandy beach - madeira

Porto Santo lies to the northeast of Madeira Island. Here, you will find the most attractive sand beach in the archipelago. It has a length of 9 km long beach and is qualified as a sunbathing paradise, along with yellow golden sand and blue sea surrounding. You can take advantage of the beach size to take a walk from ‘’Ponta da Calheta’’ up to the centre of the village ‘’Vila Baleira’’ and taste the famous ‘’Lambecas’’ ice cream.

This beach is one of the main tourist attractions of the archipelago, not only for the beach but also for its therapeutic qualities. It is scientifically proven, these sands alleviate the pain caused by rheumatism and to accelerate the recovery of broken bones. 

During the summer there are many beach parties in the bars, the most known is in ‘’Bar Henrique’’ and close to the village centre. In order to make this area more fun and fresh, a floating water park and parasols made from palm leaves were installed.

If you feel like a ride on a jet ski you might want to try ‘’Colombo rental’’ for an adventure in the ‘’Porto Santo’’ sea with dolphins and turtles or even Kitesurfing. Upon your arrival on this magnificent island, you why not take a trip through ‘’Quinta Palmeiras’’ or hike to the Viewpoint ‘’ das Flores’’ where you can see ‘’Ponta Calheta’’ with its transparent waters and the islet of Cal. It is definitely a place to stop, sit, smell and relax.

Recommended Experiences to get here: 

Porto Santo Boat Trip with TransfersMore info & Bookings follow the LINK

Off Road 4x4 GeoSafari Tour in Porto SantoMore info & Bookings follow the LINK

Porto Santo Bus TourMore info & Bookings follow the LINK


Porto Santo - Ponta da Calheta

Calheta Porto Santo - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

This huge beach is divided into several smaller beaches, each with their own names such as ‘’Ponta da Calheta’’, which stands at one of the ends of Porto Santo.

One of the most beautiful places to dine in Porto Santo is at Ponta Calheta, a restaurant with a magnificent fish and seafood dishes, overlooking to the’’ Island of Cal’’ because it was from where the population extracted slaked lime to use as lime wash painting for decades.

Porto Santo is the birthplace of ‘’Bolo do Caco’’, so what about to watch the sunset eating the traditional bread of Madeira Island and a ‘’Poncha’’ or a caipirinha to cool off a bit.


Porto Santo - Zimbralinhos

Zimbralhinos Porto Santo - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

If you are looking for a different place to spend some time and have more privacy, between two cliffs made of volcanic origin, you will find a beach called ‘’Zimbralinhos’’ to take your breath away along with the view of ‘’Miradouro das Flores’’ right above this beach.

There is a beach waiting for you on the west side of the Island near to ‘’Ponta da Calheta’’. You have about 300 meters walk down until you settle in the pebble beach, but it will be worthy to do it.

You can take advantage of the cleanest water of Porto Santo to practice snorkelling, 10 meters away from the beach, we are able to find a multitude of colourful fish that wander around. Getting out of the water would be a problem. It will be hard to want to leave the sea.


Porto Santo - Porto das Salemas natural pools

Praia das Salemas Porto Santo - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

Another hidden treasure is ‘’Porto das Salemas’’ on the north coast of Porto Santo in a small bay, formed by small natural swimming pools, but made of a big beauty that worth a visit.

Rent a motorcycle 4 or a 4WD, follow a dirt road until find the beach or if you have a hiker spirit, park it in the wide area before starting the descent and do not forget to take a picnic basket with you, because the side provides fireplace and picnic tables. Have a lunch and enjoy the view to the blue sky and transparent waters along with some interesting geological phenomena.

The route should only be done in good weather conditions and we recommend you to go to ‘’Porto das Salemas’’ only with a low tide, so that you can enjoy and dive in these clear waters. 


Prainha  sandy beach - Caniçal

Praianha Caniçal- Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

‘’Prainha’’Beach’’ is also located on the east side of the island, in Caniçal, which is known as ‘’Fisherman village’’ due especially to the ‘’whaling’’. This beach is hidden among the hills made up of natural black sand, originated from the dunes, which were made from volcanic origin.

It has facilities like showers, toilets, sunbeds, changing rooms and a snack bar if you get hungry.

Near to ‘’Ponta de São Lourenço,’’ you still can enjoy the panoramic view of the city, mountains, forest, and sea, all in one.

If you are an explorer and a true adventurer what about to start your journey with a ‘’Levada walk’’ in ‘’Ponta de São Lourenço’’, which is part of European Network of important Community Sites and a Partial Natural Reserve, or even, do climbing, and end it, taking a dip in crystal clear water of ‘’Prainha Beach’’ to cool off.


Ribeira Natal - Caniçal

ribeira natal caniçal - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

Still, in Caniçal village, you will be pleased with the warm crystalline waters of ‘’ Ribeira Natal’’ awarded with a Gold classification by Quercus. This Beach provides a walk along the promenade, which follows the length of the beach, with a full view of ‘’Desertas Island’’ and allows you to see the rocks on the bottom of the sea. 

It also provides a snack bar called’’ Ritual do Sal’’, where you can drink a delicious cocktail and watch a delightful sunset.

This quiet and beautiful place has infrastructures such as sunbeds, fixed umbrellas, lifeguards during the bathing season and parking with free access.

What to do in Caniçal? Recommended Experiences :

Walking Route in ‘’Ponta de São Lourenço’’.  More info & Bookings follow the LINK

East tour of Madeira Island ’.  More info & Bookings follow the LINK

Climbing in CaniçalMore info & Bookings follow the LINK


Stand up paddle: More info & Bookings follow the LINK

How to get there by bus? SAM - Route: 113,53


Reis Magos Beach - Caniço

Reis Magos Caniço - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

‘’Reis Magos’’ beach is located in the southeast of the island, in Caniço de Baixo. Once again Madeira Island provides good water quality and clean sea waters by the blue flag that stands on this beach.

Normally, in the summer, the average water temperature is 21ºC, which allows you to swim for a long while.

For a close encounter with nature, you can also experience the ‘’Madeira diving centre’’ close to the beach, to discover the underwater world.

Although the sea is calm in this area, it guarantees surveillance, is watched over by two lifeguards and it has the first-aid station.

It offers facilities, such as parking, areas for playing sport, a disabled toilet, a restaurant, and a bar.


Garajau - Caniço

Praia do Garajau - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

Inside the Partial Natural Reserve of Garajau, you will find at the base of the Garajau cliffs this wonderful beach is highly prized among scuba divers and perfect to experience stand up paddle surf (tour).

Before you get down to this beach, take the pleasure in visiting the iconic ‘’Cristo Rei’’ and appreciate the view from there over the calm and crystal clear water sea.

The beach can be accessed by a ride on the garajau cable car or you can drive into the sharp descent until there to try new things and drink a mojito. These new things can be the SUP tours,  where in you may access the local beauty and lush landscape and find abundant marine life. 

If you are spending the day at the beach there is a local restaurant that has specialities like Fresh Fish and ‘’Prego no pão’’.

Still, changing facilities, a first aid post and a picnic area can be found at the Garajau beach.


What to do in Caniço? Recommended Experiences :

Tuk Tuk Ride .  More info & Bookings follow the LINK

Stand up paddle: More info & Bookings follow the LINK


How to get there by bus? EACL-Route: 155, 110, 111,114


Doca do Cavacas - Funchal

Doca Cavacas - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

This beach on the south side of the island is also known as “Poça do Gomes” and is located between the Lido and Formosa beach in Funchal city.

With a small but delightful area for sunbathing, it has a natural volcanic swimming pool and direct access to the sea, offering a splendid panoramic view of the sea and ‘’’Cabo Girão’’ skywalk, the highest promontory in Europe.

Besides the incredible view of the west side of the island, you still can enjoy it with a good dish of seafood in the restaurant ‘’Doca do Cavacas’’.

The water average temperature is between 20 and 22ºC, quite pleasant for bathing on hot days.

It offers changing rooms, a lifeguard with first aid services, bar-restaurant support and rental service of parasols and sunbeds.


Recommended Experiences :

Yellow Bus Open Roof Sightseeing TourMore info & Bookings follow the LINK


How to get there by bus? ‘’Horários do Funchal’’ - 02 (the closest one)


Calhau da Lapa - Ribeira Brava

calhau da lapa -Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

Located on the south side of the island, ‘’Calhau da Lapa’’ is nominated by some of the people as ‘’Paradise’’, almost a hidden paradise, and that is why it has such natural beauty.

‘’Calhau da Lapa’’ is far from everything, but close to the most important, the silence and the tranquillity, it stands on a steep path and you have to be prepared for the walk, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes on your way down, but as a reward it offers the clean water, landscapes and a waterfall you are able to see during the walk.

Here you can find services such as a restaurant with local dishes with fresh fish from the ‘’Calhau da Lapa’’ coast and accommodations.

This place has two ways of access, by land through the steep path, and by sea, through organized trips.


Fajã dos Padres - Ribeira Brava

faja dos padres - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

Near to ‘’Calhau da Lapa,’’ there is another closer paradise, called ‘’Fajã dos Padres‘’, where the history dates back to the beginning of Madeira's colonization.

You are about to discover one of the most beautiful places in the world for swimming, snorkelling and visit the depths of the ocean, walking and do fishing, despite being almost inaccessible by land, it is an adventure to get there and a good way to discover this hidden treasure. 

It is accessible by cable car/lift from ‘’Quinta Grande’’ all the way down of a huge cliff with 300 meters high, from up there you may enjoy the view of the sea as far as the sight beholds.

Another way to go is by boat, including ‘’Catamaran’’, and  enjoy the views of the southern coast of Madeira, leaving from Funchal, going past the bay of Câmara de Lobos and under the impressive cliff of Cabo Girão or even a small boat can also be arranged for the transfer of passengers to the pier. 

If you are looking for a romantic spot to stay ‘’Fajã dos Padres’’ is a good option, because it still provides accommodation and restaurants near to the sea, from where it is possible to watch the sunset and drink a cocktail with your lover.

beach chairs, parasols and beside the restaurant and accommodation with a parking lot, there are also showers and cabins available to the guests.

Go along the seaside path, from the restaurant, follow the orchards of mangos and you will find avocado pears, cherries, all the way to where the banana trees start.


Recommended Experiences :

Catamaran Boat Trips to fajã dos padresMore info & Bookings follow the LINK


Calheta Sandy Beach

Praia Calheta - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

The Calheta ‘’Sandy Beach’’ is located on the southwest of Madeira Island. It is a seaside area built by man, it has two sloped breakwaters as a form of protection and artificial yellow sand. Calheta Beach was, in fact, the first town in Madeira to have an artificial beach, brought from Morocco.

It has available infrastructures such as spas, first aid, a wheelchair access area, showers, parking, a large marina to walk. This beach offers a wide range of nautical activities like canyoning, windsurfing, and catamaran rental. 

Besides these facilities this cosy place provides a new attraction for the guests, a fun area on the top of the water, it has a floating water park support with slides and a trampoline to have a good time with your family and friends.

On the main street leading to the beach, you will find good restaurants, serving mixed grilled fish, fresh dishes with the most varied seafood and local specialities such as white wine or a 'shandy'.

Still in this marvellous nature of the South West Sea of Madeira you can have new experiences such as whales & Dolphins Watching Tours, experiencing dolphins in their natural habitat, giving you the possibility to swim with them.

But if your are truly seeking for adrenaline,since you are in Calheta you should try paragliding, to have a new perspective of the Island and meet with some eagles.


Recommended Experiences :

Whales & Dolphins Watching Tours from Calheta: More info & Bookings follow the LINK

Snorkeling with Dolphins TourMore info & Bookings follow the LINK



Saccaharum Hotel Beach

praia do calhau calheta - best beaches & natural swimming pools on madeira island


In front of this beach there is a luxurious 5-star design hotel, called ‘’Saccharum’’ which means ‘’Sugarcane’’. This hotel itself is based on the theme of sugarcane and located between the Madeira Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. 

This Beach is a new bathing area with one goal:  to revitalize the area that, until now, was inaccessible.

This investment is destined to the entire resident population and visitors of the county of Calheta.The beach has a coastal protection, that besides contributing to the protection of the beach, relative to the maritime agitation, it is an element of landscape appreciation, improving access to the sea.

 In this place there is a beach resort with free access with a leisure area and bar and changing rooms to support its users.


How to get there by bus? Rodoeste - Routes: 8,80,142


Machico Beach ‘’Banda d’Além’’

Praia Machico - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

The Machico Beach, also known as ‘’Banda d’Além’’, located on the east side of the island is an artificial yellow sand beach, which was imported from Morocco in 2008.

Machico is also a great place to get a bite to eat, located in the city centre, have a meal at the restaurant ’’ MaréAlta-Peixes & Mariscos’’, which is specialized in seafood dishes and ice cream in ’’Gelati‘’ beach kiosk.

You can enjoy this quiet place for a relaxing time with your family or even play volleyball with your friends at the beach volleyball court.

This playful space has easy access to the sea and it is equipped with changing rooms, parking, showers, bathrooms, lifeguards and beach chairs during the bathing season. 

If you are more into walks we would recommend ‘’Levada dos Maroços’’ which is great for the less experienced and ‘’Vereda do Larano’’ is another walk, but recommended only for experienced hikers. Starting in ‘’Porto da Cruz’’, and making it through nature, that offers magnificent views over the viewpoint of “Boca do Risco’’, where hikers can enjoy wonderful landscapes of the north coast of the Island, until arriving Machico.


Recommended Experiences :

Vereda do Larano Walk: More info & Bookings follow the LINK

Levada dos Maroços WalkMore info & Bookings follow the LINK

East tour of Madeira Island: More info & Bookings follow the LINK


How to get there by bus? SAM - Routes: 20, 23, 53, 113, 156, 208.


Maiata Beach - Porto da Cruz

Praia Maiata - Best Beaches & Natural Swimming Pools on Madeira Island

‘’Maiata’’ Beach is located on the north coast of Madeira Island, in a small welcoming village called’’ Porto da Cruz’’.

Leave your car in the center of Porto da Cruz village and take advantage to visit the sugar cane factory, because it is one of the references at the regional level,  and take a stroll along the dirt road to get to ‘’Maiata Beach’’ or if you rather you can drive up to the beach, and just go down a staircase.

 From this beach we have a beautiful view over the Porto of Cruz village, with the imposing Penha d'Águia in the background.

More than a place for bathing made of black sand and rocky pebble , this is a place much requested by those who are looking for adventures with surfboard. If you are a surf lover this beach might be suitable for you and your surfboard to make your enthusiasm for surf rub off on this beach waves.

This beach is usually used for surf lesson, that you can be part of if you are interested in, however it does not have support infrastructures or any kind of surveillance that is why it is advisable just to go there during low tide.


Recommended Experiences :

Bodyboard lessons: More info & Bookings follow the LINK

Stand up paddleMore info & Bookings follow the LINK

SurfMore info & Bookings follow the LINK


How to get there by bus? SAM - Route : 53, 78, 207, 208. OR  ‘’Horários do Funchal’’ – Routes: 56, 103, 138.



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